Monday, January 09, 2006

Another week, another start

BBC Radio 4's Start the Week programme (amongst others) makes me glad we have some non commercial broadcasting in Britain (Although I'm not convinced that the license fee is the best way to finance it). Today's edition is on again this evening at 9:30 or can be heard from its web page. One of today's contributors, Haleh Afshar, will be speaking at next Saturday's Fabian Society's conference "Who Do We Want To Be? The Future of Britishness" which is the sort of event that makes me wish I lived closer to London. I'm sure she'll be worth listening to especially if she can control her gushing giggle. But I did object to her assertion that the anti-war faction isn't being listened to. It certainly is being listened to and was listened to before the war in Iraq. The notion that we entered into the conflict light-heartedly is absurd. I'm "anti-war" (I'm anti all horrid things) but I can accept that there was a case, not a completely convincing one (but life is hard), for the invasion of Iraq - it certainly wasn't and isn't as clear cut as some of the more strident protesters would have us believe.


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