Friday, January 20, 2006

When will the EU dog bark for David?

I got a letter today, it had a sticker on the front with a little Union Jack and the message "British Subject NOT EU Citizen". So I had a clue about its contents. I think it must be from someone who had read one of my 'letters to the editor' possibly in the Times when they used to print full postal addresses.

It reminds me that there is a hard core of natural Tories who are passionately opposed to Britain's EU membership. The question is: will this issue ever surface again and if it does how will David Cameron deal with it? (Questions - sorry).

Will he go for the Howard fudge - inventing a fantasy EU that will never exist because none of the other 24 member states wants to play - or will he ignore the issue and reckon that these people might vote UKIP in European or local elections but will return to the fold at General Election time? Or neither of the above?

In the unlikely event that you'd like to know more about the letter's content and my analysis of its shortcomings, please leave a comment.


At 13:17, Anonymous Vanky said...

The suspense is eating at me! What was in the envelope??

I'm doing my dissertation on the EU and its benefits to national interest- Anyone who wants out is simply ill informed.


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