Monday, October 09, 2006

Popular French philosopher condemns anti-Americanism as a new form of fascist thought

It’s not that he’s especially pro-American but he is strongly anti-anti-Americanism. He thinks it is a huge danger in western European liberal thinking. Invented by France and Germany, anti-Americanism has now spread throughout Europe.

He’s not suggesting that we all have to start loving Bush; it's more that we shouldn’t through out the proverbial baby with the proverbial bathwater. He reminds us that many Americans also despise Bush ...

Listen to Bernard-Henri Levy on BBC Radio Four’s Start the Week programme from its web site. His bit starts about half-way through. And/or read his book ‘American Vertigo: On the Road from Newport to Guantanamo’ which is published by Gibson Square Books.

The rest of the programme is pretty interesting as well even though, as ever and like the Cheltenham Literature Festival, it’s really a book advertising feature!


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