Saturday, January 14, 2006

Chief Whip in 'Big Brother' blunder

Why did Hilary Armstrong try to jump on the anti-Galloway bandwagon? Perhaps her advisers not very bright. Now, when George re-surfaces, he can claim that the campaign against him was all a New Labour plot and that they lent on Channel 4 to censor him. If only they'd left him to dig his own hole. The Party that, briefly, had such sharp PR seems to have lost it. I'm sure A. Campbell might have said, "Leave him Hilary, he just ain't worth it".

This from the Times "Mr Galloway’s feline frolics prompted Hilary Armstrong, the Labour Chief Whip, to visit his Bethnal Green and Bow constituency to start a petition urging him to get back to work. ... Mr Galloway’s party sprang to his defence. The Respect website said that his constituency surgery was open as normal yesterday, adding: “He has not attended votes in the Commons when the outcome has already been decided by the whips’ offices of the two major parties (which is most of them). His decision to take the risk of going on Big Brother was motivated by the need to reach a large and young audience with the political message the majority of his constituents support.” "


At 18:43, Blogger Aunty Marianne said...

I say we vote to keep Gorgeous George in the Big Brother house. It keeps him out of the other House.


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