Sunday, January 22, 2006

Is Cameron really Prince Charles?

Far from being a Tony Blair clone, David “’nice boy’ Cameron is more like Prince Charles according to Richard Ingrams in yesterday’s Independent (pay to read section). Both are “wealthy patricians” wanting to do their bit for the community. Both are patrons of peculiar ‘green’ soothsayers (Porritt for Charles and Goldsmith for Cameron).

But Ingrams really gets into his stride when writing about Cameron’s attack on WH Smith for selling chocolate oranges instead of apples. Ingrams has a long running feud against WH Smith going back to the days when they refused to distribute Private Eye of which he was then editor. Perhaps this whole piece is an excuse to ask again why Smith’s got the nationwide franchise to sell books and magazines at stations.


At 19:59, Blogger Aunty Marianne said...

I don't care how much like Prince Charles or Tony Blair he is. He's thinking of banning chocolate. Whither minimal government, free enterprise, the demolition of the nanny state now, hey?

No woman will ever vote for a policy like that. He may be pretty, but he's done for. I'd rather vote for a redheaded alcoholic.


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