Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fascinating facts from EU cities

I'm grateful to David Rennie for drawing my attention to "an addictive website crammed with obscure and gripping data about 258 cities across the European Union". Mr Rennie is the Europe Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph and writes a 'weblog' which may interest those few people who are interested in things European.

This Urban Audit website contains lots of data and provides tools allowing comparisons to be made between cities. I've discovered for example that Bristol comes in the top quintiles for visits to museums and quantity of cinema seats for its inhabitants.

"Cities are radically different from their countries. The profile of city residents differs from country residents on almost every socio-economic indicator. City residents are more likely to be single. They are less likely to have young children, and if they do have children they are more likely to be single parents. They are more likely to have a tertiary education." says the report.


At 14:41, Blogger Aunty Marianne said...

Your link to the Urban Audits comes back to you. Help!

At 19:27, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Whoops - I've fixed it now, thanks. Odd stuff this HTML,it'll never catch on you know....


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