Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What's the point of blogging?

I almost stopped blogging. There seemed to be little enthusiasm for my daily 'compare and contrast' newspaper comment digest or my incisive views on PMQs. So like everyone else I've taken to random mumblings. Maybe MarkTwain was right.

But thanks to Normblog I now know that "The blogosphere is doubling in size every 5 and a half months" and that the Scotsman thinks that "Blogging is good for you" even though Normblog and Holyrood Chronicles dispute the shaky analysis .

And there's heartening news from yesterday's Times where Chris Ayres grumbles that columnists now get dissed in blogs; "These days ... anyone in the public eye is given a virtual custard pie in the face every other day". So some good done then. He's noticed the green-ink style of much blogging. In days of old, angry letters to MPs, newspapers and the like tended to be written in green ink. Even now some of them are typed on old mechanical typewriters; these have the advantage that you can tell when the writer is really cross because the print is driven deep into the paper as the keys are pounded.

Nowadays many of these seriously furious people have taken to writing and commenting on blogs or message-boards. I suppose it's good to have an outlet for all that rage. Chris quotes the, somewhat harsh, views of "Jean-Remy von Matt, the head of a German ad agency, [who called] bloggers the “toilet walls of the internet”. He fumed: “What gives every computer owner the right to exude his opinion, unasked for?”."

Perhaps I'm suffering from glass half-empty syndrome; Camden Lady's blog started at about the same time as mine did and she seems pleased with her viewing figures which look remakably similar to those for my efforts.

See I warned you - random jottings....


At 17:53, Anonymous Vanky said...

Being popular has never been cool. You've got something so much better: a cult following!

Don't give up!

At 19:35, Anonymous Cathryn said...

Come on, you know you love it! You have a quality audience

At 08:13, Blogger Aidan Brack said...

Indeed - having found this blog this morning I hope you keep it up. Having looked at Camden Lady's graph thingy and as my blog started at roughly the same time as both of yours I can confirm that I'm in a similar audience bracket to both of you.

At 15:49, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Thanks for your kind words and thank you Mr Brack for adding me to your blog's Links (how did you guess that I'm a Labour supporter?!) - I'll add your to mine when I next update the list. Good luck....

At 17:05, Blogger Aidan Brack said...

I think you are listed as such on Iain Dale's page. Congratulations on being the first Labour blogger on my links list. ;)

Best of luck to you too.


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