Thursday, March 16, 2006

A few hundreds

It is one hundred days* since David Cameron became the Tories’ leader – it seems like only three months – and, according to the Times, one hundred years since the invention of the perm. By happy coincidence this is the one hundredth post on this site. The first two mentioned will, no doubt, continue in their own ways to provide happiness to some but, for the time being at least, the last mentioned won’t. Until after Easter it is unlikely that I’ll post anything more here. This hiatus is the result of a number of things that will be occupying my efforts for the next few weeks.

Whilst you wait until Easter Saturday** for my pearls possibly to return, why not enjoy reliving the joys of the previous 99 entries and the splendid variety of comments they’ve attracted? Or perhaps you’d rather visit one or more of the ‘blogs I read’.....

à bientôt

* the Guardian leader writer thinks it might be 101 days but still seems mildly impressed with Mr C.

** the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Day is not Easter Saturday.


At 08:46, Anonymous Jess said...

Whilst you wait until Easter Saturday**
** the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Day is not Easter Saturday.

Does this mean we're waiting indefinitely then?! :-(

At 11:37, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Ah, I'm glad you asked! The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Day is 'Holy Saturday'.

Easter Saturday is the next one (at the end of Easter week (which includes also Easter Day, Easter Monday, Easter Tuesday, Easter Wednesday, Easter Thursday and Easter Friday)), this year it's on 22nd April. Not a lot of people know that.....

At 14:34, Anonymous Jess said...

ooh err.. by Easter Saturday i shall have sat two aural and two oral exams :-/

but thank you for explaining!

At 17:54, Blogger DCveR said...

I'll check back on Easter Saturday then. Take care

At 21:38, Anonymous Cathryn said...

Glad to see you're back in circulation, and thanks for the comment on my blog. Hope you'll be blogging again soon?
take care,


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