Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Our MP speaks....

Sporting a bright yellow tie and a bright yellow button-hole our new LibDem MP rose to ask a question towards the end of PMQs today (he, and the rest, can be watched from here but it wasn’t much fun today). It’s a shame he chose to ask one on behalf of the Tories.

The forces of darkness and reaction, who believe that life was perfect in 1958, are currently running a campaign against “creeping regionalisation” in the South West even though it was the Conservative party which, in 1995, put in place the present structure of regional government offices.

The dapper Mr Horwood droned out about the health service in Cheltenham becoming less local but failed to mention that it was our local PCT rather than some remote government department which made the decision to integrate ours with nearby Gloucester hospital. He railed about: the police but failed to mention the increased local divisional accountability that would come about if our tiny force were merged; the ambulance service but didn’t mention the widespread support both inside and outside the service for the recently agreed merger; the fire service but failed to mention the life-saving technology that the new regional call centre will bring or that the existing one gets only about two calls a night. And so on and so forth.

Told you so. LibDems are Tories in disguise (although now moving to that Party’s right it would seem).


At 20:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched PMQs and wondered why he was sitting so far down the chamber - because I naturally thought that he must be a Tory.

I was Labour's PPC for Shrewsbury in 2005 - I used only to dislike yellow Tories but now... I hate them!

At 22:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a coincidence - I heard my MP speak today too! (Laurence Robertson, for Tewkesbury) Admittedly it was on woman's hour not PMQs but he spoke very well on the topic of abortion...



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