Friday, February 24, 2006

Labour and Conservatives equal first

Two opinion polls show the Tories and Labour enjoying virtually equal support. Mori for the Sun has Labour on 38% and the Tories on 35% while YouGov in the Telegraph pretty well reverse the figures giving them 36% and 38% respectively. Given the 3% error usually claimed for such polls, this suggests that the two main parties are neck and neck.

It's around the magic 100 days since David "nice boy" Cameron took over the Tory helm so his honeymoon period must be officially over. Neither of these polls nor the papers' commentaries on them will bring him much comfort. History may be repeating itself - their last three leaders enjoyed a initial polling boost whilst they merrily trotted out supposedly centrist views. But, when the poll bubble burst, the rumblings from the Tory heartlands soon sent them scuttling to the right.


At 18:06, Blogger The Blind-Winger Jones said...

I think you're bang on there. It will be interesting to see to if the new (Chris Huhne ?) lib dem leadership has any effect on Cameron's ratings, as they're essentially fighting over the same voters at present.


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