Friday, May 19, 2006

Cheltenham Nil, Wycombe Nil

Clinging onto their 2-1 lead from the first leg, Cheltenham Town held on for a draw with Wycombe Wanderers yesterday evening at Whaddon Road. The match was described by BBC Radio Gloucestershire as 'nail biting' which may mean 'very dull' but it has ensured the team a match at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium against Grimsby on Sunday week. It should be a thriller.

With Cheltenham's renewed success and Nailsworth's last minute escape from Conference relegation (again), this has been a classic year for footie in Gloucestershire - some compensation for the County's cricket team now having to play in the lower league in both the one and four day games and for Gloucester RFC apparently having forgotten how to play.

More sports news soon including a special 'why it's all Margaret Thatcher's fault' feature.


At 23:39, Anonymous Jess said...

ooh - exciting stuff!! My Dad is an ardent Grimsby supporter having grown up in various villages near there, and obviously my mum would rather support cheltenham than have any association with the mariners and their inflatable fish (yes really) So they are both going to Cardiff, and will sit at opposite ends!

But which team do I support? Or do I just revise German Literature for the exam on Monday? That's the question..

Apologies for the stream of consciousness... It's finals madness setting in...

At 10:17, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Can't you bring some German literature with you to Cardiff? How are the exams going? Are the setters on strike? When I was at university we had proper strikes in Britain and we had to revise by candlelight when the power was cut. Young people today etc. etc....

At 19:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...


no, not any strikes here. not in languages anyway!

exams are going ok so far. i mean they're not easy, but they're not going to be. lots of words that i didn't know, but our resident bilingual french candidate didn't know some of them either!

4 down, 5 to go..

Jess x


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