Sunday, May 14, 2006

Rescuing Adam Smith

The Adam Smith Institute seems concerned that its hijacking of the name of the 'father of modern economics' is under threat. On its blog today it has a piece ("Chancellor leads second kidnap attempt on Adam Smith") attacking what Gordon Brown has written in the forward to a book on Adam Smith. The Scotsman wrote about it last month: "Mr Brown makes it clear he believes the economist had a strong social conscience that would make him a political ally .... In the book, Prof McLean .... [writes] "I think he can only be classed as an egalitarian and left-wing philosopher."".

Good! For too long right-wingers have been getting away with selective and narrow quotations from Smith. They have overlooked his calls for decent wages and his assertions that government has a role in the provision of infrastructure such as roads (there wasn't much else in that category in his pre-railway, sewerage, electricity or water-supply days).

Well done Gordon......


At 16:51, Blogger Ben Harbour said...

adam smith wealth of nations is now out of copy write and can be found for

free on the internet I have located a copy at :

if this helps

adam smith and his old works are always worth a read, despite the lengthy titles

At 21:49, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Thanks for the links Ben.....


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