Friday, September 22, 2006


When I was growing up in the 1950s families had to make their own boredom. Now it’s handed to them on a plate. Blogger Councillor Bob Piper was ranting on about the dullness of the Ryder cup a few days ago. Watching snooker or golf on the telly is an ideal way to ease oneself into senile dementia but it must bring in an audience. I understand there is a golf channel being beamed down to us from the sky 24/7.

And now, for perhaps the ultimate experience in tedium, Leighton Andrews alters us to the start of Tory TV...........


At 09:04, Blogger Bob Piper said...

Hughesy, I was putting forward a rational analysis of the game of golf and its televisual qualities... not ranting!

Also, Leighton may have jumped the gun a bit because the station is intended to have presenters from across the political spectrum, and they have even invited me to appear. As I have said on my blog, if it descends into Tory TV propoganda it is dead in the water because Tories watching other Tories will not get them anywhere. However, if it can put across a wide variety of political views it could provide an antidote to BBC, ITV & Sky telling us what we should think. It must have some potential as the world of blogging has shown.

Anyway, it'll beat golf hands down.

At 12:12, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Bob, I thought your Ryder Cup post was at least a rantette (and a fine one at that)!

I'll have to reserve judgement about 18 Doughty Street as you call it on your blog. But I'm not very good at reserving judgement, instant opinionated rants are more my style. And I've grown a little weary both of Iain Dale as the bloggers' spokesperson and of his finely crafted blog even though he was kind enough to put mine into his famous list......


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