Monday, October 16, 2006

No news today according to the British Media, so let’s pad our programmes out with a daft survey or two

It must be a nightmare for them; no big story to lead their TV or radio news bulletins, nothing to splash across their front pages. A good sign of a quiet news day is when I can’t remember by eight o’clock what was in BBC Radio Four’s seven o’clock news. A quick perusal of Britain’s four quality newspapers shows them all to be leading with different stories today and the BBC News web site has yet another as its lead.

Radio Gloucestershire has national and local news mixed together at half past seven. Today its main story was a new process for dealing with chemical spillages that is to be demonstrated at the Fire College at Morton in Marsh today – hold that front page chaps.

One of the padding stories the BBC desperately resorted to on the Today programme was about a ‘survey’ some Eurosceptics have carried out in British businesses about the EU. As so often with such things, the clue to the answers could be found in the question. It’s like asking burglars if they think the police spend too much time investigating burglaries.

News; who needs it?


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