Friday, October 13, 2006

BBC Radio Four’s Any Questions comes to the Cheltenham Literature Festival

Should you ever find yourself holding a ticket for Any Questions, if there’s a poor boy on the street then let him have your seat ‘cos the only good thing about it is that it’s in the warm and dry.

I was in the audience tonight; dull doesn’t begin to describe it. Being squeezed into a (public, natch) school’s hall with a bunch of people who consider that even thinking of supporting Labour deserves drawing and quartering isn’t the best way to spend a Friday early evening. Mercifully it was all over by ten to nine. People who listen by choice to this programme should be transported to the Isle of Mann for their own safety.


At 00:20, Anonymous Toryboy said...

So, as usual, they slagged off NuLab did they?
No more than they deserved.

At 10:57, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Actually some very New Labour ideas were well received e.g. labelling processed food properly and changing the science curriculum.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind demonstrated that peculiar Tory characteristic on both of these topics viz. 'everything is awful but nothing must be changed'. What a pompous man he is...


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