Thursday, November 16, 2006

Changing ISP

Do any of my faithful readers have any experience of changing broadband ISPs that they're willing to share with me? Is it a painful process? I use an ADSL connection via a BT telephone line but I'm growing weary of my current provider mainly because of expense.

Any recommendations and/or warnings about ISP performance and/or price (including support costs)?


At 22:56, Blogger Simon said...

Have a look over at the site provides the latest user feedback on almost all the UK ISPs.

The generic switch over should be painless. Your existing ISP provides you with a MAC number which you give to your new ISP, who should handle the migration with BT wholesale. You should suffer no more than a couple of hours downtime at most during the switch over.

Lots of should in the last paragraph as there are some nasty experiences which you will see on adsl guide.

From my personal experience I switched from NTL (dsl) to Zen internet and Zen were and still are excellent - but they are relatively expensive.

At 08:09, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Thanks Simon - that looks like a useful site...

At 09:10, Anonymous Jenni said...

I have heard bad things about TalkTalk by the way, so would avoid them if at all possible!


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