Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Censored by the Indy perhaps unwilling to upset its earnestly green readership

Censored is putting it a bit strongly; they didn’t use my letter in which I gently chided those who had a day out in London on Saturday to demonstrate about Climate Change. It wasn’t one of my best letters to an editor but it could have been a lot ruder.

I haven’t a clue what the demonstrators hoped to achieve other than a worthy glow of self-satisfaction. It reminded me slightly of an anti-capitalist demo in which one of the banners read ‘replace capitalism with something nicer’. Hmm that’s really helpful.

Here’s what the Independent’s readers missed: ‘It’s odd that ‘green’ demonstrators should have chosen to travel to London (Green Power on the march: - 4th November) to support their cause. A more environmentally friendly event would surely have set a better example.

In this age of abundant telecommunications, linked rallies could have been held with, perhaps, one in each parliamentary constituency. Nearly all the participants could then have walked from their homes to take part.

Apart from the handful who live in central London, all the demonstrators will have been responsible for some unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions as they travelled to the capital. Even cyclists puff out excess Carbon Dioxide.

Or do they, in common it seems with almost all of humanity, believe that their own travel is somehow more justified than anyone else’s is?’


At 18:07, Blogger Courtney Hamilton said...

I think this must have been the first demo in the world that demanded 'more' taxes.

As for the Indy... they would never publish a letter that was overtly critical to their own stance.

If you'd said the demo was wonderful, I'm sure they would have put it on the cover

At 22:14, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Yes they don't report much that doesn't support the doomiest and gloomiest climate-change line do they? It's a shame that what used to be my favourite daily has now become so hysterically anti-US, anti-Labour and anti-pretty-much-everything-else as well...


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