Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is our PM prodding Cameron’s silent dog?

William Hague was reported to be grim faced yesterday after trying to find some new friends for Tory MEPs. The former jovial leader of the opposition has been despatched to find a way to get the new incumbent off the hook so effectively baited for him by Euro-sceptics during the recent leadership campaign.

In an attempt to keep them quiet, David “nice boy” Cameron promised to withdraw his MEPs from the EPP-ED grouping in the European Parliament because it’s too pro-EU and a tad federalist. But there’s no other group for them to join and they risk losing all influence. So Mr Hague has been talking to some very peculiar MEPs from some very peculiar parties. The French interior minister and presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy is unimpressed says the Guardian’s Nicholas Watt.

Is the long silent Tory EU dog about to bark again and reignite the old feud within the party? Can it be just coincidence that Mr Blair has, as the Independent reports, decided to start talking about Europe again?


At 10:32, Blogger Aunty Marianne said...

It was perfectly obvious to everyone here in Brussels that if the Tories withdraw from the EPP they'll have to join some really unsavoury characters in the cardboard box city generally uninvited to partake in the vote trading and other morally disgusting but apparently necessary power broking activities that parliaments undertake.

That it was not obvious to people inside the Tory party just goes to show how badly a party can underestimate the importance it must assign to working in an assembly that generates something like 60% of new legislation affecting Britain.

What a mistake-a to make-a.


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