Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Staying Warm

Alan Coren has been sent a thermometer by Ken Livingstone. So, he writes, has every Londoner over 60. It's to tell them if their home is too hot or too cold. Although the too cold level is desert-like compared to the house I was brought up in. You knew it was cold when your glass of water had ice on it when you woke up....

I sympathise with Mr C when he writes: "the website my gnarled fingers have to seek with queries about my thermometer is I’d have preferred www.helpthemiddleaged, or www.helptheremarkablywell-preserved, or even www.helpthesprightly." When does middle age start and when ditto old age these days?

The Coren dynasty bring much joy to our household. Dad and Giles in the Times and Victoria on the telly searching for definitions. Loadsa smiles....


At 22:26, Anonymous Camden Lady said...

What's wrong with 16C? 16C is a balmy spring day! 16C is recommended at the temperature at which to set your thermostat if you're going to save energy.
Maybe someone should send all mayors over 40 a wooly jumper.

At 19:28, Blogger Aunty Marianne said...

I'm 35 and despite a Spartan upbringing by a Hyacinth Bucketesque mother who believes heating is lower class, I keep my house at 21.5°C. I'm quite happy to save the world, but I can't do it if I'm freezing my proverbial off.

And the Swedes agree with me. Which is always a sign.


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