Wednesday, January 25, 2006

'24 hour' drinking law update

It is two months today since the new licensing laws came into effect, this has allowed, inter alia, pubs to stay open after 11pm in England and Wales. When the enabling Act was going through Parliament and in the run-up to its implementation the press, radio and TV were full of dire predictions of mayhem on our streets and a collapse of civilisation.

So what's happened since? I've really no idea but not much it would seem from the almost total lack of reporting. In spite of hundreds of journalists being deployed on the first few nights of the new arrangements there seems to have been little to report.

This is typical of modern news coverage. We're treated to huge amounts of speculation before things happen but precious little afterwards. It seems there are hundreds of rent-a-mouth experts on hand to tell us how awful things are about to become and to blame it all on a heartless government intent on bringing unhappiness to the population. No wonder the blogsphere is infected with simple souls who buy this wicked government nonsense!

So much for the news revolution. We get no more news than we had in the 1950s, less about foreign affairs probably. But it all comes quicker, there's loads more waffle but very little proper analysis or follow-up.....


At 15:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the new drinking law has improved anti-social behaviour, although this law has caused some problems infecting the local community. But it has shown that it has cut down the violence and taxi's are getting more business by giving the premises different closing times.


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