Saturday, April 22, 2006

Avance BO!

I happened to be in Biarritz on the day of their quarter final Heineken Cup rugby* match against Sale. Being five middle-aged Britishmen** we were, of course, highly amused by the supporters' signs which read 'Avance BO!' - their team's full name is 'Biarritz Olympique', I'll assume you know, or will be able to guess, what the French word 'avance' means.

Today they play Bath in a semi-final. Bath is one of Gloucester's two great rugby rivals so, when I go there this afternoon, perhaps I'll carry an 'Avance BO!' banner.....

* or rugger if you're posh
**three English, two Scots


At 17:14, Blogger Aunty Marianne said...

Go Bath.

Sorry, but my maths teacher Simon Hogg used to play for them.

At 18:56, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Too late, the frogs won....


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