Monday, April 24, 2006

Wise words about the modern media

Guess who said (almost) this today about the difficulties of getting good (or even just non-bad) news published or broadcast by our 21st century media:

“If all that [people] are hearing is bad stories then their perception is likely to be bad.......The way public debate is conducted now, it’s just the way it is – there is never any sense of balance. There is no problem that isn’t a crisis and no difficulty that isn’t a catastrophe - and if it’s not a crisis or a catastrophe it doesn’t exist....”

How very true don’t you think Motty? Oh yes indeed, very much so......

Answers (on postcards only please) to the usual address. No correspondence will be entered into, no prizes will be awarded, ‘for amusement only’. Remember that the value of stuff can go down as well as up. (or you could just leave a comment)


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