Monday, May 22, 2006

Cliché watch

The continuing stories about the Home Office provide lovers of clichés with plenty of fun today. (I'm sorry if the e-acute at the end of cliché doesn't display correctly on your computer's screen; if British spelling correctly did its job (of providing a written form of the way we speak) we would probably spell it kleeshay.)

The Telegraph does well in its leader, it even has one in the headline. In the text it manages to include: floundering regime, fiasco, EU budget surrender and the absolutely spiffing power-hungry shysters.

The Indy tries hard with gems such as: fiasco, beleaguered department, lucrative government contracts and dysfunctional department but they have to resort to quotations from David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, for "perpetuate a serial injustice." and Nick Clegg, home affairs spokesman for the Liberal Democrats, who managed a "dangerous criminals are allowed to walk freely in our communities" and a "latest fiasco".

And the Times has: innocent lives .. being ruined, branded as criminals and blunders also tapping Nick Clegg for "absurd levels of incompetence" and including David Davis's "perpetuate a serial injustice.”

I haven't dared look in the Mail yet....


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