Monday, June 05, 2006

Belated thanks

Joy on the doormat; a leaflet from the Tories, just over a month since the election, thanking us for returning our councillor and celebrating their take-over of the Borough Council from the LibDems. The big local issues are, according to them, building new homes and the failing bus service.

Houses make me smile a little because the main opposition to building some on the scruffy fields around here comes from people who live in houses that were built on fields twenty or forty years ago. Even our own crumbling victorian ruin is built on what was an orchard a century and a half ago. I wonder what the Nimbys said back then.

The bus service is also a source of mild merriment especially as I'm fit enough to walk into town instead of using it. The Tories (who always do well around here so you'd think people would support their 'core beliefs') have for donkey's years claimed to be against subsidies and for people and companies standing on their own feet. But, when stagecoach decided that the bus route was no longer viable, our Tory controlled County Council decided to subsidise the daytime service in addition to the evening and Sunday ones which have been subsidised for aeons.

But they did it on the cheap and introduced a timetable that is impossible to maintain. So now they're having to add more subsidy; what a funny old world. And now we have three different companies with three different ticketing systems running it. One does Mon-Sat daytimes, another ditto evenings and the third does Sundays. Deep joy.


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