Monday, May 29, 2006

Not many hurt in cheese race

The BBC web site reports that "A teenager who knocked himself out while chasing a Double Gloucester cheese down a hill was among 25 people hurt in a Cheese Rolling competition. Chris Anderson, 18, won one of the five races ..... [he] said: "I just ran, fell and hit my head. I feel sore but it was definitely worth it."

Jim Jones, St John Ambulance operations training manager, said 12 spectators and 13 competitors had been injured during the event. "It was quite a reasonable year, not too bad at all," he said. "We usually average around 30-40 people who need treatment.

What are we like in Gloucestershire, eh?


At 23:47, Blogger PostPunkUnkle said...


That's a retorical question one assumes;)

At 09:40, Blogger Hughes Views said...

All or any views welcome, I'm an 'incomer' (only been here for eighteen years) so can afford to scoff gently.....


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