Monday, May 29, 2006

The Daily Mail is really Very Cross

Gosh they’re in a state! Righteous indignation drips off their web site and, I expect, their pages. They really should learn to relax or else their blood pressure may well do for them. (Thanks Harry's Place for pointing me at this lovely little story).

It’s relaxation that’s got the Mail going this time. Mr Prescott has not only been seen relaxing he’s been playing what they probably regards as a toffs’ only game and also looking at cows. Shocking, eh? Croquet isn’t really all that posh; as long ago as the 1950s there was a public court (?) / pitch (?) at Brighton where, for a few pennies, even the riffraff could knock hired balls around with hired mallets. Actually it was in Hove now I come to think of it, so a bit on the genteel side if not exactly posh.

The founder of the Daily Mail is reputed to have said that he wanted his paper to deliver something to enrage the lower middle classes every day. Paul Dacre, the Mail’s present editor, seems to be doing the founder proud for his million or so English pounds a year.....


At 19:38, Blogger skipper said...

What infuriates me about the Mail, is not just their apalling opinions but the fact that you have to pay to access them!

At 10:15, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Even the free bits represent poor value imho

At 14:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree - this is silly news!
"Shock as MP seen playing croquet" - a lot less incriminating that other stories about him...

(i should really have a go at croquet.. before i leaveoxford for good..)


At 09:27, Anonymous Jenni said...

But wasn't he supposed to be working at the time? I'm quite annoyed about the fact that he has more or less lost his job but retained his salary. (I believe croquet is played on a lawn)

At 14:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thing is, he could be 'supposed to be working' but actually playing solitaire (or free cell!) inside.. i don't work all the time, but still do quite a lot of work.. I don't know, just seems there are more important things to talk about..

but good news - he has decided to give up his posh paid-for-by-taxpayers home.. (or had done this morning..)

At 14:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(the above message is from jess..)


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