Monday, October 16, 2006

Can anyone access Tom Watson’s blog?

All my attempts to read Tom Watson’s blog posts, the first two lines of which sit tantalisingly on Bloggers for Labour, end up with the dreaded ‘The page cannot be displayed’ page. I’ve tried several times from two PCs running different versions of Windows but with no luck from either. Is it Explorer, the orange network or is his site just far too popular?

Answers on a postcard, or even in the comments box would be nice...


At 10:08, Blogger Kerron said...

Trying to go on Tom's site seizes up my computer. It's always been that way - which is a bit of a shame really, because it means I only get the first 2 lines via Bloggers4Labour. :-/

At 10:55, Blogger tom watson said...

Hi -

the comments section is down after a massive trackback attack. Also, the House of Commons servers do not let you onto the site. I'm working on this now that I have more time on my hands. Clive, the beloved server man, tells me that the comments section should be back up.


At 11:25, Blogger Hughes Views said...

thanks Kerron and vote counter - always good to know that the problem's not up my end (as we used to say, in a vain attempt to appear witty, in the telecoms / networking business)


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