Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jack Dee’s Lead Balloon coming soon to BBC2

It really is very funny. Droll characters combined with an edgy slapstick and farce in which you know what’s going to happen but still you can’t quite help laughing. Anyway it’s apparently moving onto the almost mainstream BBC2 to replace something in that channel’s really rather good Thursday night comedy line-up. Obviously I’m not including the unbelievably feeble and self-indulgent Mock the Week in that really rather good.

It will be good to get Jack off the channel that chose to PISLOASH or Put Its Stupid Logo On Alexi Sayle’s Head whilst Mark Lawson interviewed him. Bah, I feel a ‘because of the unique way the fools are funded’ rant coming on.

More in-depth TV reviews coming soon to a blog near you...


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