Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cabinet reels as new Labour toady writes critical letter to a national daily

It had to happen one day. After nine and a bit years of letters to national, regional and local newspapers reminding their readers what a wonderful job the Labour government is doing and how much better it is than the only possible alternative, there’s one in the Guardian today which contains the stingingly critical sentence "It's depressing that a Labour government has encouraged this anachronism to flourish and grow."

Even though it might be read by more than a thousand times the number of people who read this blog, I doubt if it will cause the cabinet to reel. It’s an unpleasant thought isn’t it; them all in kilts prancing to the music of the pipes? Anyway Alan Johnson seems to be talking more sense on this topic than does his boss...

Many a time and oft at the GC have they railed me. They call me misbeliever, centre-ist* and spit upon my gentile gabardine. Still have I borne it with a patient shrug. Have I what as like?

* or, more often and not just at GCs, Blairite stoodge, government sycophant, etc...


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