Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Only two and a half weeks to Guy Fawks Night and no bangs heard yet. Another Labour success?

The Firework Act has been around for a couple of years. This year it seems to have had the desired effect at least around here. A few years back pretty well every evening in October was accompanied by the sound of fireworks going off late into the night.

This is the sort of legislation that causes libertarians to throw up their hands. Curbs on individual freedom, nanny state gone mad etc. And it’s probably upset the people around the corner who used to hold firework parties in the early hours of most summer Sunday mornings.

But I think its a Jolly Good Law (and I know it isn’t really called the Firework Act but I’m too busy to look up its real name or even the date it was enacted – sorry)


At 23:33, Blogger Skuds said...

There were a few bangers and other loud fireworks going off around Waterloo yesterday afternoon - in broad daylight.

But thats all I have heard so far this year.

At 14:01, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Thanks skuds but which Waterloo was that then? Multimap lists eight in the UK alone and there's at least one in Belgium!

At 20:26, Blogger skipper said...

I do so agree. Round our way it used to be like Beirut or Bagdhad on a bad night from September onwards but now it's just a few bangs and rockets. It's not me I'm concenred about you must understand- it's my poor old cat!

At 08:15, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Skip - good to know we agree on something! I'm sure if we delved into the book of Labour's achievements, which I think Amicus helpfully published in 2005, we might find a few dozen others...


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