Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More people have voted for me than for the French Prime Minister

Strange isn’t it? Along with many other senior politicians, the French Prime Minister has never stood for election at any level of government. Instead the President appointed him.

He hasn’t as much power as a Prime Minister in Britain does but he’s still Pretty Important. The French go in for elites. Apparently if you enter the Civil Service after attending one of the few Grandes Ecoles you go straight it at a grade which is the highest that anyone who enters without this privilege can obtain no matter how long or distinguished career they may have had.

All very odd for a country that, as I remarked in my last post, seems in many ways to be closer to the socialists ideal than Britain does.


At 10:33, Blogger Bob Piper said...

The French go in for elites.

You cannot be serious! How many people voted for our head of state? How many people voted for a single member of our second legislative chamber?

Virtually the whole of our Government, judiciary and the head of the church is appointed by a single person. As I said previously, we could learn a lot about democracy from the French.

At 17:17, Blogger Hughes Views said...

You're starting to worry me now Piper! For the second time in a week you have anticipated a future post of mine, have you thought about working for the thought police?

One day I'll possibly get around to the next episode of my 'lots of important people in European democracies are appointed rather than elected' strand. The really worrying thing though is that by a variation of this test apparently the dear old USofA comes out as the 'most democratic nation in the world'. Clearly that analysis overlooked the fact that you need at least a zillion dollars to run for office over there ...


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