Monday, January 23, 2006

Rupert Murdoch talks to the nation

Like him or loath him, Rupert Murdoch is worth listening to. You can download an interview with him that was on Radio Five. It was quite a coup for them to get him, he doesn't give many live interviews especially ones that last for 24 minutes.

I've made the mistake of loathing him but, as he puts it, if you're a catalyst for change you're bound to make enemies. I remember how people scoffed at Sky television when it started but they don't scoff now. I was against his taking on of the print unions but can now see they needed taking on and that the newspaper industry is stronger than it would have been.

His views on English politics are, of course, interesting. He thinks we've got a pretty good government and doesn't seem very impressed yet with David Cameron who he says is bright but so far all image. He likes Gordon Brown and noted the similarity in their Calvinist upbringings.

I think he's right about the need to support Tony Blair's education reforms. The world is growing increasingly competitive and 1960s solutions aren't good enough. He's also right about the growth of an underclass and the need to give them more incentive to work their own way out of their problems.

What he says about the BBC branching into non-broadcasting areas is interesting. He obviously has an interest but he made some good points, for example about the danger posed to local newspapers.

Whatever you think of him it's hard to deny that he's canny. Definitely worth listening to......


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