Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's just as well that I'm not paranoid.....

..... else I might think that Sinister Forces were trying to Stop My Return to the Blogsphere. On Monday the usually splendid (for the price) Blogspot databases wouldn't let me post anything and then yesterday my phone went dead and with it my internet connection.

Howya 'sposed to live without t'internet?

Now I'm not a suspicious sort of cove; I generally subscribe to the 'c*ck-up' rather than the 'conspiracy' theory of life. But there was a bloke up the telegraph pole over the road from us. And that's where our telephone cable goes.

He said it wasn't him and he even checked our connections and waggled the wire. But still silence. I couldn't see if he was wearing a LibDem or a Tory rosette but it could just be a plot to thwart my campaign to win Benhall and the Reddings.....

So it's round to my friend John's house or joining the riffraff at the Library or my evening class college if I need to check my mail, update this blog or leave pithy comments on others. So guess how many updates there'll be.....


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