Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tory leader fails to bash bureaucrats shock!

The big story (yawn) in Cheltenham is the banning of St George's flags on local taxis. The Gloucestershire Echo declares that "Barmy bureaucrats at the borough council outlawed St George's Cross flags in case they confuse the passengers."

But, speaking on local wireless this morning, the new leader of the Borough Council and my near neighbour, Duncan Smith, said that he was sure that council staff had interpreted the rules correctly and were doing a grand job. Heck, are the Tories perhaps learning that many of their potential voters are administrators who are fed up with being told that everything's 'their fault'? Mr Smith (no relation to Iain) wants the licensing committee to re-think the rules.

Meanwhile in nearby Gloucester, the Citizen reports that its "council has not gone as far as its neighbour Cheltenham Borough Council, which has banned the flags from appearing on taxis. Gloucester City Council says cabbies can apply to have their licence amended. This means they may be granted written permission to fly the England flags. But there is the possibility the request will be denied."

Of course the really big footie story is the excitement of Cheltenham's visit to Cardiff on Sunday, they're going there today so that they'll be used to the Millennium Stadium. Bless.......


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