Sunday, July 23, 2006

France to be ruled by a Royal again?

I first learnt about Sego Royal from this sometimes amusing site about France and its politics which I found thanks to Aunty Marianne.

Marie-Segolene Royal is rumoured to be favourite to become the next President of France (if the French left can avoid the mistake they made at the last election. Then they fielded so many candidates that none of them made it into the second round which thus became a run off between the right-winger M Chirac and the extreme right-winger M Le Pen). The Observer carries a piece about her but it’s awfully long so I’ve only speed-read it. And who in Britain really cares about foreign news? Hardly anyone to judge from the popular newspapers or TV news programmes.

She might be France’s version of Tony Blair; a centre-left leader prepared to challenge long-held dogma. Which would be nice. But the sun’s coming out so it’ll soon be too hot again to blog.......


At 23:19, Blogger DCveR said...

This reminds me that I really must update my news reading. These weeks without internet were a kind of isolation, with almost no news, local or foreign.

At 09:46, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Being without news can be a relaxing novelty especially on holiday but after a few days it's awful! I'm glad you've been reconnected to the web....


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