Friday, September 29, 2006

Political commentary in the post Blair-Brown era

Political commentators have been filling their columns with the relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown since before the dawn of time it seems. It must have been a comfort to have it to fall back on with deadlines looming and not much happening in the Westminster Village.

Now that that particularly rich seam seems pretty much mined out (they hit pretty impure ore donkeys’ ages ago imho), what will they find to write about? Some clues are appearing. In the Guardian Polly Toynbee is almost as gloomy as I am; the headline sums it up “Labour has one serious candidate - but it also seems to have a death wish”. She writes “By the end of the conference ... there was a growing certainty that Brown was the destined man ... But what if he can't win? What if, in this celeb-struck era, the smiles do matter more than a strong economy? Even Brown admirers are nervy ...”.

In the Times under the headline “They think the leadership is sewn up. They're wrong: it's all coming apart”, Mary Ann Sieghart writes: “Even the Chancellor’s supporters concede that his appeal has been badly damaged by the events of the past few weeks. For all his flaws, Mr Brown had at least been seen by voters as a man with the integrity of granite ... Now, though, the Chancellor is seen as a would-be assassin and duplicitous to boot. When he claimed in a TV interview that had had always said it was for Mr Blair to decide when to leave office, the public fell about laughing....”

And the Telegraph leader writer, although no friend of Labour helpfully declares “As for Mr Brown, the conference simply confirmed that the more he reveals of himself, the more he is found wanting. ... Locked into this volatile and spite-filled process of transition at the top, the party has lost all momentum....”

Oh dear, I wish they’d go back to Blair/Brown baiting......


At 17:11, Blogger Bob Piper said...

These so called pundits are unelected, unelectable and unaccountable. They have one need... to fill up their column inches with this drivel. They do not have a clue what Party members or trade unionists, or anyone else outside of their small media bubble actually thinks about anything. When was the last time Polly bleeding Toynbee spoke to a Party member outside of the Hampsted Garden suburbs?

Don't be depressed, be optimistic. The Tories, for all of Cameron's flim-flam are still the same shambles and I am confident of a fourth Labour term... even under the dour one.

At 19:58, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Bob - don't tell anyone but I'm really quite optimistic. As TB said, if we can't expose and beat DC we don't deserve to be in the game (or words to that effect).

But I do wish that someone would send Gordon brain the size of a planet and with a nice almost-socialist heart Brown on the training course that transferred another dour Scotsman of my acquaintance (he was my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss) into one of the most able orators that I’ve heard....

At 20:48, Blogger Bob Piper said...

I agree that oration, presentation etc counts for a lot in the age of TV actors as leaders... but... although the majority of people find Cameron more attractive, personable and articulate, Brown scores all the points when people are asked, 'who do you trust' who do you think would be best in a crisis' and, most crucially on the basis of "it's the economy stupid".. who they think is better to run the economy. Those are all key political issues, the flip/flopping is transient.


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