Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tony Blair’s last conference speech as leader – a view from the sofa

He’s right you know. Change is the only constant. Expectations rise. Britain and the Labour Party need to be outward looking. The world keeps changing fast. There is no comfort zone. Tolerance and respect are better than fanaticism and extremism. It’s tough being a leader.

If you missed the speech you can watch it or read it on the BBC news site and elsewhere. No doubt the smart set will be measuring how long he spoke about Gordon Brown against ditto about John Reid – let them, it gives them something to do. Listen instead to the substance.....

A lot's been done in nine and a bit years, there’ll always be lots still to do.

And if we can’t take the Tories apart in the next three years we don’t deserve to be in politics!

We’ll miss him.


At 15:50, Anonymous Al Dee said...

Tony saved his best speech until last

At 18:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Labour are Tories* and so DON'T deserve to be in politics.

*Tory: Right-wing, corrupt, preferring to lie and obfuscate rather than address problems.


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