Saturday, September 30, 2006

Telegraph headline cheers Labour supporter – shock

"Blow for Cameron as poll lead is slashed" screams the main headline on the Torygraph’s front page today. It’s above this story about "a YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph showing support for the Conservatives slipping because voters are unsure what he stands for".

Tee hee. That should put the delegates packing their bags for Bournemouth into a grumpy mood. I’m sure it won’t be improved by the easy-viewing-TV-show style gimmicks which await them. For example the Telegraph tells us that "Delegates will be given electronic pads enabling them to text their views, which will be flashed up on a screen". How very modern, not.

More merriment (thanks to Gauche for leading me there before I’d looked at the paper) via the Guardian’s main headline: "Tories unveil their secret weapon: 'webcameron'" above a story which includes this link. The webcast of DC in his kitchen is especially amusing with the sound off.

There’s something rather pathetic about the thirty-something PR professionals who have taken over the Party trying desperately to show they’re part of the ‘Internet generation’. No wonder the mostly seventy plus-somethings who make up much of the membership are spluttering over their Cornflakes.


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