Monday, October 02, 2006

Is the BBC being unfair to the Tories?

Apart from one proto-William Hague-like Tory boy, only elderly party members seem to have been interviewed by the BBC after David Cameron’s speech to the Bournemouth conference.

The only TV coverage I’ve seen so far was on the BBC One news yesterday. Nearly all the members who had their ten seconds of fame by giving their opinion of their leader’s speech were even older than I am.

Is the average age of Tory members really so high? Or is this an example of the alleged blatant BBC pinko-liberal bias that causes retired alleged majors (many of whom in reality probably never made it above lance-corporal in the stores at Aldershot) to choke on their muffins?


At 11:43, Blogger skipper said...

Average age of Tory members is high. Work at Sheffiedl university some time back revealed it to be 64. No doubt dave has drawn in some younger elements but most are still even more wrinkly than me...

At 19:27, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Thanks for that Skip. If that was a while back perhaps the average is closer to 70 now.

Any data on the average age of Tory voters? Those I meet whilst canvassing in Gloucester always seem quite old and quite extraordinarily cross ...


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