Monday, July 24, 2006

How to avoid right-wing media bias.....

....has long been an obsession for people on the left, especially those who can't fathom why anyone can possible not support their cause. 'It's all a question of education', they sometimes opine, 'if only people knew the truth'.

Dangerous, patronosing theorising; it's the mindset that led, inter alia, to trendy teachers attempting to fill their charges' heads with dogma rather than educating them.

Tonight at 7, BBC2 is repeating the last in the BBC4 television series called Lefties. I mentioned this series in a post in February. This programme tells the story of the "News on Sunday, a disastrous attempt to launch a left-wing mass market Sunday newspaper". It might provide some food for thought especially for anyone who puts more faith in theory and dogma than they do in practice and experience. It is quite funny in a sad sort of way and would be funnier still if the buffoons hadn't lost so much money out of other people's pension funds....


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