Friday, April 28, 2006

Cameron and the chauffeur-driven stuff

Our art teacher sometimes complained that a colour was a bit 'bluey-green'. He might have enjoyed this little piece from the Times Online about how blue boy Dave Cameron mightn’t be quite as environmentally sound as he’d have us believe.

“last night the Conservative leader’s carbon-friendly cycling was exposed as nothing more than, well, the photographers captured him confidently pedalling away, a sleek limousine pulled up...... to collect a package...... One 9km car journey and 1.7kg of carbon emissions later, and Mr Cameron was reunited with his documents and clothes for the office.”

“Yesterday Mr Cameron was again out demonstrating his desire to stamp out carbon emissions by extolling the virtues of public transport in Bury. He had arrived by helicopter.”

It’s based on this story from the Daily Mirror under the splendid headline: “Exclusive: Con Yer Bike Cameron” it starts: “David Cameron flaunts his green credentials by cycling to work - but there's a flunky following behind in a gas-guzzling motor carrying his shoes and briefcase.”

As Mr C sometimes says (not entirely convincingly) whilst being savaged by Mr Blair at PMQs: “I love it!”.


At 19:00, Blogger DCveR said...

Hipocrisy still shocks you?
Sadly the number of honest politicians worldwide could probably be counted by a five year old counting fingers...

At 09:46, Blogger Aunty Marianne said...

Good stuff, isn't it.

Chameleon ahoy.

At 09:47, Blogger Hughes Views said...

No it doesn't shock me but it makes me smile quietly when it's quite so blatant. No wonder his party is (relatively) still in the doldrums.

At 09:48, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Eek - Aunty and I commenting simultaneously shock!

At 21:05, Anonymous Cathryn said...

Better still was the little trip to the Arctic to play with huskies and make his contribution to global warming. This will draw in the sort of people who buy organics flown in from Kenya and very few others, I think. Mind you, a lot of people buy organics flown in from Kenya.

At 11:37, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Yes, there are a lot of contradictions in the Green movement. Some seem to believe that recycling newspapers makes it ok for them to fly to far flung holiday destinations. Most can't people get their heads around the total environmental costs of things e.g. how much environment damage was done or energy used by manufacturing that nice new 'green' car or wind-turbine. A friend of mine has several bikes and reckons that his poshest caused more environmental damage in its manufacture than twenty flights to the Med. would.....

It's a complex world.


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