Friday, April 28, 2006

Well Said Polly

Polly Toynbee writing in the Guardian about Labour’s likely drubbing in next week’s local elections, in particular at Hammersmith and Fulham, ends: “It's the same for Labour across the land where poor children, old people, those on housing estates, most schools, hospitals and public places have seen galloping improvements, yet the legend of the government fails to reflect it. So to all former Labour voters emailing to swear blind they'll never vote for Blair or Labour or Clarke in the local elections, to all who swear they don't care if Tories win so long as they can punch the PM on the nose next week, just ask yourselves who else you would be punching too.”

And she hits the spot earlier in the piece with: “Overexcited Nick Robinson Black Wednesday talk is out of line. While the economy grows faster than most and public spending still flows.....” Do my regular readers perhaps think I’ve become a little obsessed with the excitable Mr Robinson?


At 11:47, Blogger Bob Piper said...

The BBC has seen the popularity of the eccentric looking and genuinely funny and sharp Andrew Marr and tried to replicate it with Robinson behaving daft. Just doesn't work, but another nail in the coffin of democratic debate stifled by personality politics.

At 17:16, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Yes, Mark Mardell would have been a better choice - but at least he's doing a fine (if largely unnoticed job) as their Europe man. Robinson demonstrates just how good Andrew Marr and John Sergeant were. I’m sure he’s an amiable guy but he’s a bit lightweight for the post imho.....


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