Friday, May 05, 2006

More than a thousand days until the election

If my hunch and calculations are correct there are 1,133 days to get through before the next General Election in Britain. Plenty of time for all the topics currently dominating our news to be forgotten. I hope this might give some comfort to disappointed Labour activists and the councillors who lost their seats last night.

In Cheltenham we lost the one seat we were defending and are now down to just one, in Stroud we lost two. Better news from Gloucester where we held the four we were defending. The LibDem leader in Gloucester will have to eat his words, he had declared that his party would gain seats from Labour. In fact there were no changes in Gloucester but the LibDems suffered losses in both Cheltenham and Stroud.

Onwards and upwards......


At 18:52, Blogger Elephunt said...

Well there was certainly no meltdown in this part of the world.Even when Labour lost seats it was in ones and twos.
For the most part it was a story of Labour holds and some pretty spectacular gains.

I seem to recall reading dire warnings of a net loss of 350 to 400 seats.Not sure of the final figure but we'd lost 260 when I finally went to bed at 6am.Methinks the media had their story pre-written and couldn't quite bring themselves to admit that meltdown hadn't happened.

At 09:18, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Good to hear glad tidings from Mersyside. It was my home for three years when I was at university....


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