Thursday, July 27, 2006

It’s not often I agree with Lord Tebbitt

He was the subject of one of the more acidic e-mails of mine that have been read out on BBC Radio Four’s Today show (another, about Anne Atkins, was even more vindictive though; it even got a herumph out of John Humphrys).

But his lordship is as sound as the proverbial bell on the subject of Dave Cameron. According to the BBC’s website he said that “Tories treated favourable polls "like a baby grasps for a dummy"”. The story was about the Conservatives gaining 39% in an ICM poll – only a feeble 4% ahead of Labour as it happens.

This noble lord still probably speaks for millions of ‘traditional’ Tory voters with their squalid little views. Thing is, will they still vote Tory with DC in charge in the same way that some of the Labour faithful who can’t stand TB still vote Labour? Is DC right to aim just for those few hundred-thousand swing voters in marginal seats who decide our fate at general elections?

The other thing is do I now have to join Lord Tebbitt’s camp on the ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ principle?


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