Monday, July 24, 2006

Mr Blair and Mr Bush in conversation

There was an interesting observation towards the end of this morning’s ‘Start the Week’ programme on BBC Radio Four. Andrew Marr and his ‘guests’ were talking about friendship and one of them mentioned that many friendships nowadays flourish because of telecommunications.

As an example he said that Mr Blair and Mr Bush talk by telephone perhaps five times a day (or was it a week?) on average and have therefore developed the kind of verbal interaction that comes only with familiarity. He suggested that most of the so-called ‘analysis’ of their partially recorded conversation at the G8 meeting was pathetically wide of the mark because it overlooked this fairly-obvious-when-you-think-about-it information.

But conspiracy theorists, political correspondents with nothing better to do and all the Prime Minister’s haters will doubtless go on weaving their own funny little theories and putting their own uninformed spin on this and every other interaction between these two leaders....

I missed most of the programme this morning; must remember to use ‘listen again’ and/or sign up for the podcast from their web site. What a wonderful world we inhabit.....


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