Thursday, July 27, 2006

Life on the edge

I’m a rebel, me.

When I found the new registration certificate for my car today, I discovered that I’ve still got the old V5 document. This despite the bossy letter (that I’ve also kept), which accompanied the new certificate. It clearly said that I should have destroyed the V5 immediately. I just don’t care, I’m a rebel, me.

And I got a letter from the Inland Revenue a while back. On the envelope it said ‘open immediately’; I kept it for a month before I read it. Tough or what?

Life on the edge.....


At 13:07, Blogger beethoven writes said...

Yes, it's funny how many of these letters try to instruct us what to do. What are they going to do about it if we refuse? Send us another arsey letter?!



At 13:18, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Yes, a please now and then would be nice. I like approaching Oxford because the signs there say "please use the park and ride". Easily pleased aren't I?!


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