Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Castro not in power shock

Times online reports that Fidel Castro has relinquished power in Cuba for the first time in 47 years. Crickey, like heavy man; this guy’s been running the place on, like, true communist lines for, like, all but eight years of my life.

Possibly the second most frightening day of my life was back during the Cuban missile crisis which got a big mention in our school’s morning assembly.

It was quite scary again a couple of years later when the four minute warning emergency sirens were tested in the middle of a French lesson. I didn’t know it was going to happen and our numptie French teacher (he was a teacher of French but English and with a worse accent even than mine or Edward Heath’s) didn’t bother to say anything but just went on trying to teach us an irregular verb or two. I guess a lot of us wondered why but, being boys, even on the brink of possible oblivion we couldn’t show any fear......


At 22:53, Blogger DCveR said...

When thing we must all agree: the guy really is tough!


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