Sunday, July 30, 2006

Boris Johnson on the turn?

‘Political correctness gone mad’; you’d have heard the Conel Blimps cry had this been Labour’s higher education spokesman praising Media Studies degrees and such. But it was the Tory’s higher education spokesman.

Boris Johnson, for he is it, was on Test Match Special’s lunchtime chat yesterday. He declared that he’s had to think again about the value of such new degree subjects. He’s concluded that they can be jolly fine courses after all and that many of the people who take them are quite decent chaps who go on to hold down useful careers.
Thing is, are such conversions for real or just a tactic to alienate slightly fewer of the population and thus pick up a few more votes?

These must be troubling times for many ‘traditional’ Tory voters. All their core beliefs and saloon bar certainties being tossed aside by the new front bench. Being at 40% in the polls will bring much consolation but seeing Labour only just behind at around 35% will do nothing to calm their fluttering nerves.

It could be an interesting few months after all.....


At 10:01, Anonymous Jenni said...

Usually I would be skeptical but since it's Boris Johnson I am inclined to believe him. I'm also not sure that "alienating slightly fewer of the population" applies in this case - looking down on Media Studies is just as trendy in some circles as taking Media Studies.

(Glad to see you've rejoined the blogosphere btw!)

At 11:25, Blogger Hughes Views said...

Oh dear, how tiresome to share lots of genes with a member of the BJAS! Why aren't you stamping books or assisting with cereals?

At 16:45, Anonymous Jenni said...

Oh c'mon, Boris Johnson's great fun! I was taking a small break from being Terribly Busy and Important whilst I waited for a page to load...


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