Monday, July 31, 2006

My blogroll & elections open only to Labour members

I’ve got around to updating the Blogs I Read section of my fabulously original sidebar. I have resisted the urge to head it BlogUlike but it was a close run thing. Out go a few sadly defunct sites and in come a few I’ve recently discovered. They’re all fantastically spiffing reads but I particularly commend this fine piece by Gareth Davies on why he won’t be supporting John McDonnell MP is his bid to become the next leader of the British Labour Party.

I won’t be supporting John McDonnell MP for that important role either even if no one else stands. But I shouldn’t think that he’s bothered. And I’ve just discovered that I’ve missed the deadline to vote in the NEC elections; I thought it was midnight but it turns out to have been midday. Bother. Still, as the irritatingly smug multimillionaire Richard Stilgoe once put it on an election night BBC Radio Four show of the same name, ‘don’t vote, it only encourages them’.

If I’ve left out or inadvertently deleted your site and you’d like a mention (I can’t promise any new readers), please let me know.....


At 01:25, Blogger Kerron said...

Feel free to add me to your sidebar -

I won't be voting for McDonnell -

And I also blog about Richard Stilgoe -

What can I say, that must be your dream blog! ;-)

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